This exhibition sure was a lot of fun to work with, actually “IN”. As installation progressed at Markus Winter Gallery, I realized that a storage room close by to the main gallery space was filled with fabulous design furniture and ended up including a lot of it in the show, allowing it to interact with the works and inviting some of the artists to use it at their own will. I fashioned a really nice apartment out of the space and lived in it for a whole month, sleeping on a bed designed by one of the artists and receiving guests either on the bed (which doubled as a couch) or at my work desk. Berlin was freezing but I’ve been missing my time there ever since. While living in the gallery, I recorded a wealth of interviews and conversations with local artists… an ideal snapshot of Berlin’s creative scene that was meant to be published with SHS (whose chief designer, Luca Bendandi designed the invitation to the show and director, Matteo Cossu hosted me when too tired to go back to the gallery to sleep and provided insight into the Berlin scene), the book unfortunately never came to be.


Shinsuke Aso, Michele Bruni, Talia Chetrit, Alessandro Dal Pont, Ingo Gerken, Christopher K. Ho, Ryan Kitson, Eugenio Percossi, Sofia Vannini
Curated by Marco Antonini
March 11 – April 4 2010
Markus Winter Gallery, Berlin.  

The White Night is the short period of the year during which, at high latitudes, sunsets are particularly late and sunrises early. During these weeks, usually around the summer solstice, the night sky is in a state of permanent twilight. At the same time -literally translated or slightly adapted in many languages- the expression has also come to signify the state of insomnia and the well known psychological distress it causes.

In this exhibition project, a series of interlocking scenarios will set a dreamy stage for the artwork to characterize a quirky, alternatively domestic and unreal environment. The odd familiarity of this space will lead the visitor’s attention to mundane and often diminutive objects and images, gateways to a metaphysical dimension that seems totally independent from human activity.

Setting a scenario whose tones are determined as much by the artwork’s fragmentary narratives and poetic accents as from a slightly surreal atmosphere that directly refers to the experience of insomnia, the exhibition will allow the viewer to freely and independently oscillate between fiction and reality. Insomnia and the symbolical locus of the white night scenario are ultimately revealed as instrumental devices, used to frame a selection of artworks whose wit, irony and humor are rooted in our personal and poetic experience of everyday reality.

Living and working inside the gallery space (in a multifunctional bed designed by Michele Bruni and Sofia Vannini) the curator will experience his own personal White Night: a month of non-stop work in which he will record a series of interviews with artists, writers, musicians, designers and architects of the local community.


my working desk inside the gallery space, set on a vintage Ico Parisi desk from Markus’ collection

glovecolors 001

Talia Chetrit: Primary Colors Flashed at Glove (Fist), 2009. C-Print.


the linens of the bed were designed and embroidered by Fashion Designer Sofia Vannini (the sentence “Fai Sonni Vani” is an anagram of her name)


my (ugly) original idea for a detachable bed

Photo 24

…Michele’s early sketches for “Nuvoletta”

Photo 44

…and the lovely paper maquettes of the bed


talking to designer Michele Bruni on his “Nuvoletta” bed/couch, designed for the show

crowd _MG_4342 _MG_4337 _MG_4327 _MG_4321 _MG_4319 _MG_4194 Photo 41 WN-invitoWEB


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