In the Summer of 2011, NURTUREart opened its doors to artists, curators and neighboring galleries, lending them a copy of the gallery keys and allowing them to use the exhibition space (and its roof) for a series of weekly exhibitions, performances, workshops and events. Organized by Gallery Director Marco Antonini, WE ARE: was a hybrid between art festival, short-term residency program and community jamboree; a honest statement of identification with the people that make NURTUREart’s community.

A risograph printed, tri-color catalog was published for the event.
<> Here is a link to the  ISSUU b/w version of the same publication, with texts by all involved.
<> NURTUREart’s general page for the WE ARE: exhibition series.

<> A Documentary on WE ARE: by Eric Horn, with interviews and exhibition features, on YouTube


WE ARE:’s calendar ran as follows
(Please click on each exhibition to open individual exhibition pages on NURTUREart’s website): 

<> Ivan Argote. In the gallery from July 7 to July 11
Opening Reception: Friday, July 8.

<> Ian Pedigo. In the gallery from July 14 to July 18
Opening Reception: Friday, July 15.

<> Miguel Amado. In the gallery from July 21 to July 25. [presenting: “PTown”, a project by João Pedro Vale + Nuno Alexandre Ferreira in collaboration with Sylvia Gruber, Sérgio Rebelo and Cristina Hora ]
Opening Reception: Friday, July 22.

<> Fortress to Solitude. In the gallery from July 28 to August 1 [presenting: “Live and Let Die”, curated by Guillermo Creus, with Sarah Frost, Nadja Verena Marcin, Ash Sechler] — special project: Free Beer Bar by Don Edler
Opening Reception: Friday, July 29.

<> Chelsea Haines and Eriola Pira. In the gallery from August 4 to August 8 [presenting: “Comedy Show”, with Scott Lawrence, Anton Terziev, Stephen Truax] — with a live stand up comedy show by by DAB, Peter D’Amato, Missing Earl, and others
Opening Reception: Friday, August 5.

<> Rachel Budde. In the gallery from August 11 to August 15
Opening Reception: Friday, August 12. — special project: Urban Herbalism Workshop

<> Famous Accountants. In the gallery from August 18 to August 22
Opening Reception: Friday, August 19.

<> Regina Rex. In the gallery from August 25 to August 29
Opening Reception: Friday, August 26.

<> Jonathan Ehrenberg and Meredith James. In the gallery from Sept 1 to September 5.
Opening Reception: Friday, September 2. With a reading by: Carmela Ciuraru, Erica Ehrenberg, Samuel Leader, Stephen Motika, Molly Prentiss, Maria Rapoport, Melissa Seley and Jibade-Khalil Huffman.

<> Ryan Kitson. In the gallery from September 8 to September 12
Opening Reception: Friday, September 9.


<>  Link to Hyperallergic’s article on the series by Howard Hurst

<> Link to Bushwick BK’s review of We Are: Chelsea Haines and Eriola Pira, by Nova Benway

……….their review of We Are: Famous Accountants by Amy Lincoln

……….and their review of We Are: Fortress to Solitude, by Ruth Reader

<> a nod to We Are: on Dutch magazine BLEND

<> Link to ArtTribune’s commentary on the series, by Charlotte Cirillo (ITA only)

IMG_20120228_151146 weare1 weare2


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