I find that working with artists towards the production of a solo show or performance can be an immensely rewarding and, often, enlightening experience. I feel strongly that artists are, and always will be, the ones who know most about their work. This doesn’t always mean they are the best at addressing audiences, or contexts. The conversations and negotiations leading artists and curators to an agreed exhibition experience, an essay or interview, to a particular juxtaposition of works and/or materials, the development of an unexpected narrative or conceptual twist in the presentation… these are some of the biggest upsides of the work we do behind the scenes. Sometimes, just buckling up and watching the artists do exactly what they want is the best way to go. I think I’ve been pretty good at wearing this sort of curatorial invisibility cloak, whenever necessary. Who knows. Same thing about performances and time-based installations… I produced dozens of these along the years and yet very few have made it onto the website so far, as it is sometimes hard to track down and piece together the documentation…

Here are a few examples of what I expect to unearth:

Top of the list but definitely most arduous given the pre-digital times are Blu and Duchamp’s live graffiti performance at eXTipografia, and Yuri Ancarani‘s live sonorization of an untitled early work at CSA Spartaco, both in Ravenna, both in 2003.

Stills from Nin Brudermann’s The Swan (opened by a mesmerizing storytelling performance by Brudermann and Theremin virtuoso Dorit Chrysler)


and Shana Moulton‘s (first european solo exhibition and performance) Repetitive Stress Injuries at Pianissimo, Milan (2006 and 2008) are also long overdue here. Video documentation of Timea Anita Oravecz action for the opening of Seeing New York, at NY’s Czech Center in 2010 might be lost forever… together with video of Bryan Zanisnik‘s durational tableaux vivant with his mom and dad for his solo Weekend Warrior, at FUTURA, Prague in 2012.


There is also so much material from the many solos curated at NURTUREart, new work and site-specific installations by Arianna Carossa, Gabriela Salazar, Alina Tenser, Davide Zucco, Steffani Jemison; as well as so many collabs (notably, a smoking installation by Marysia Gacek, Natalie Häusler, and Katharina Marszewski) talks with Ivan Moudov, Janez Jansa, Eva and Franco Mattes , and performances by Elisabeth Smolartz, Alexa Hoyer, Matthew Cowan, Mary Kate Maher, Ciaran O’Docartaigh and Susan Conte, Steffani Jemison and Justin Hicks, Deville Cohen, Kim Hoeckele …we really made the best of that little basement gallery! – (Info and images of most NURTUREart projects can be found in our catalogs.)

So yes, plenty to work on! B^)


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